Please be Patient...

Bad Credit

If you have experienced previous bad credit speak to us.
We believe everyone deserves a second chance. With such a wide range of loan products available to us it’s possible that after assessing your application that a lender may give you that second chance. You may have only missed a payment on a loan or forgot to pay a credit card payment on time. We have been able to assist ex bankrupts getting a loan through our own lending. Don’t give up because you have had finance declined at a Dealership. They generally only have the one lender available to them. It is possible that due to the risk factor, if we can source a loan for you, that you may have to pay a little extra interest. It is extremely important, if you want a second chance that you disclose everything about your previous credit to us on the application form. If you have proof that you have since paid off old debts we need to see that proof so we can submit it with our documents to the lenders. Lenders also like stable employment and stability in your residential status so this is a plus for you if you have been in your job for some time and lived at the same address for a reasonable length of time. Generally they want to see your history for the past three years so make sure you add those details in your application.

If you need to discuss this with one of our consultants call us on
Mobile phone 0427 042 042 or on our land line 1300 4 WALCO (1300 4 92526)